Project Description


The company ALICOACH S.p.A. is the result of a joint venture between

  • Torquato Tasso società Cooperativa a r.l.
  • Alilauro S.p.A.
  • Alicost S.p.A.

It operates in the maritime and land transportation of people and its main focus is the development and growth of synergies between land and maritime connections in order to relieve the traffic congestion and offer value for money services to people.

All the companies which are part of this joint venture are specialised in offering the best services to their clients both in terms of private and public transportation. All these companies are active Europewide.

The company ALICOACH S.p.A. meets the clients expectations by offering high quality, performance and reliable services. ALICOACH values are professionalism, transparency of the services and customers care.
The synergies created by this joint venture allow the door to door transports by using different types of vehicles. This means that customers are served with great comfort, efficient commutes and great value for money.