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We offer a wide range of services in the tourism sector


Vesuvius Bus

Visit the Vesuvius on board of our 4x4 ecological buses , the only ones that can transit in the Vesuvio National Park . A fun and exciting journey through the lush nature of the Park to the top to discover the most fascinating crater of the volcano in Italy.



Do you have to take a train or an airplane? Do you want to be sure to arrive in time at the airport or at the station? Choose our transfer to Naples Capodichino , Rome Fiumicino or the main tourist locations . We guarantee high quality of service!


Shore Excursions

Are you a cruiser and you want to make a excursion from the port of Naples, Salerno, Sorrento or Civitavecchia ? Would you like to visit calmly Amalfi Coast or see the beauties of Rome ? Choose the excursion that suits you and request a quote.


Boat Tours

Sail to Capri, Positano and the Amalfi Coast by booking one of our boat trips : experience a unique day on board our beautiful boats.
Navigate with the best skippers and dive with us in the crystal clear waters of Capri !


Sorrento Fun Tram

Do you want to take an exclusive tour of the Città di Sorrento without losing even one of its picturesque corners? With our Fun Tram you will discover the city with a traveling trip that will show you the history of Sorrento and its famous attractions worldwide.


For over 40 years Cooperativa Tasso has organized tours from Sorrento to Pompeii, Naples, the Amalfi Coast and all the Central and Southern Italy but also transfers to and from all major airports such as Naples Capodichino or Rome Fiumicino. All trips are performed by professional drivers with at least 5 years of experience to ensure the highest quality to our customers.
The Cooperativa Tasso thanks to its partners is able to offer and organize unforgettable boat tours on the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Naples. Do not miss the boat tour in Capri starting from Sorrento that allows you to admire the magical island of Capri and dive into its crystal clear waters.


“Thousands, millions of individuals work, produce and save despite everything we can invent to harass them, jam them, discourage them. It is the natural vocation that drives them; not just the thirst for money. The taste, the pride of seeing one’s own company prosper, buy credit, inspire trust in ever-increasing clientele, expand the facilities, embellish the offices, constitute a spring of progress just as powerful as the gain. If this were not the case, it would not be explained how there are entrepreneurs who in their company lavish all their energy and invest all their capital to often portray far more modest profits than they could surely and comfortably with other uses.”
Luigi Einaudi

Our group deals with daily projects, challenges and problems related to the world of transport both ordinary and tourism in national and international, and it is with the same philosophy that over the years we have grown to become a homogeneous group where passion and professionalism drives us to continually seek perfection in what we do, without ever leaving anything to chance, with the strong aim of offering unique, quality products that are technologically advanced in the respect of the environment.

Torquato Tasso Società Cooperativa a rl was founded in 1970 by the will of some Sorrento taxi drivers, who, using their experience in the field of mobility, decided to join forces to offer a better service in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, compared to those present at the time. In the first years of life, the company offered its customers only taxi and car rental services.

During the ’80s and’ 90s, thanks to the boldness, skill and determination of the deceased creator and coordinator Ronca Mario, better known as Mario l’Amalfitano, the company knows a rapid growth marked by a rigorous specialization becoming undisputed leader in both domestic and international transport sector.





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